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Lyric Expressions
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Welcome to Lyric Expressions! This is a community open to anyone and everyone where you can post lyrics that you like, have special meaning, or just describe the way you're feeling. There are a few rules though...

1. Every post must contain lyrics. It can be one line, a few, or a whole song.

2. After posting the lyrics please post the name of the songwriter. NOTE: there is a difference between the songwriter and the person who performs the song. You can also post who performed the song if you want to. And if you really just can't find out who wrote it, please post that and I will understand. Just try to give credit to the one who wrote the lyrics you're posting.

3. Please be respectful to other people's posts. I don't think I need to go into great detail there. but if you're not respectful, I will kick you out.

4. Posts are not limited to only lyrics. Feel free to talk about the song, why you like it, the songwriter, the performer, etc.

5. Pictures are allowed if they have to do with the song or who wrote/performed the song. Just please use lj-cut.

All songwriters, bands, or singers that people post in their entries will be added to the interests list after they are posted.

I think that's all for now....everyone have fun!

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